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Elizabeth Vlassi, Lizzy, as she is known to her friends and family was born in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. At the age of 13 her family moved to South Africa, although Lizzy attending a boarding school for girls just spent joyful summer holidays in Oslo Beach, near Port Shepstone.

After completing  O'levels, Lizzy decided to continue her studies in Africa, at high school to complete her Matriculation. As most students do, after receiving her university entrance, Lizzy decided to travel for her gap year. A move to Kitzbuhl Austria during the winter and then back to Durban to continue studies in Journalism. What followed was a year of jobs in Johannesburg, Transkei and Devon, but Europe was calling her back.


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HOW IT ALL BEGAN...Well it begins with a international pandemic that has hit us all very hard, me, Dawn Doukas out of a job, like many and asking myself what now can I do with my time and to help those that have to open the business with Covid 19 regulations. So I began my search on Google for South Corfu....

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The Courti estate  is a traditional 18th century Venetian estate offering  complete privacy for clients seeking to relax and rejuvenate.It incorporates a central manor house enclosed in a courtyard by numerous buildings, including a large olive press and private chapel.

Its history is unique. Originally  an important farming estate, Courti is typical of Venetian country architecture. For generations it belonged to the Trivoli-Pieri family who were important members of the local nobility.

The estate is composed of a number of buildings that are likely to have been built at different times, which makes it difficult to date. The earliest written record of Courti is 1723, though there is evidence that the central buildings existed much earlier than this.

Courti is surrounded by fortified walls, within which are the main house which was rather large for standards at the time, the olive press, the stables, the church and ample warehouses.

A previous major renovation, which took place in 1770 by Michiel Steffano Trivoli Pieri, is commemorated over the front gate. The estate has now been entirely restored to its original glory adhering to strict architectural guidelines by the Greek Archaeology Supervisory Authority.

The transformation of this beautiful estate is down to the vision, creativity and passion of the now owners Chryssa Poupard and her husband and partner in crime Keiran McKenna. 

I had the pleasure of meeting them both after being invited to the estate. With both our interests and passion purposely focused on the south side of Corfu island we immediately found common ground and enthuziastically chatted about why we love Corfu. 

Being shown the estate it was immediately apparent that the reason for this project being so successful was the vison, passion and creativity that both Chryssa and Keiran have together as a couple. 

A strong side to this is of course is their business savvy, but it is so muchmore than that. Passionately wanting the estate to be sustainable in every way possible for an old structure, the environment plays a huge role and keeping a balance of luxury as well as respecting the surroundings played a huge role in the success of the project. 

Whe you visit the website for the Courti Estate as well as the social media pages both on Instagram and Facebook you can see the intellectual way that they have restored this place, brilliantly for both home and holiday vacation accommodation. 

The creation of Experience weeks in 2020 during lockdown, that are hand in hand with highlighted spots of Corfu as well as the influence of seasonal celebrations. From visiting the best parts of the island to tasting the best parts too. Beaches you thought you would only ever see in the Caribbean, to horse riding in Cedar forrests, Courti, is the ultimate place to have as the centre of your holiday experience. 

They grow from strength to strength, unindated with wedding ceremony events, honeymoon couples and of course organising retreats too for people enjoying yoga, art, photograghy, gastronomy, as well as charity events such as  Ataxia-Telangiectasia Soceity which will be held this coming May. 

It truly is a success story. It is immacutley done with both parties both enjoying the estate as a family home as well as a prosperous business.

A beautful family coupled by a stunning home.

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Family Behind The Business Vagias Family Panorama Notos.
Kuria Stavroula and Tassos Vagias opened the pension 1980' sand Panorama taverna in the 1991....
 Before that, they had , like many other Greeks, lived in Germany for a couple of years and felt well at home overthere. More reason to return this hospitality. They speak german and where language falls short, they manage to communicate with hands, feet and a lot of mime. The moment ‚Pappou Tasos‘ enters the restaurant, he will instantly spread his good mood.

Yiayia Stavroula is in her 80's now,  but you wouldn’t believe it. She is in control of the pension including breakfast, assisted by a few employees and her niece Anglaia. Anglaia is already a mother herself.  Anglaia’s mother is Elena, the women who cooks the delicious meals you will be served in the taverna.
Ina is the second women in charge of the kitchen. She is wife of the current owner: Athanasios. Ina is from Russia, fleeing the icy cold eternal winter to the warmth of south Corfu, out of love for Athanasios.

Athanasios will always look after his guest in his happy and polite way and is fluent in a creative blend of German and English. Thanasis eldest son Athanasis is powering ahead in becoming a great Captain of the ship. His other two sons Stauros and Alexandros also are sturdy helpers of the family business. 

The business has grown some since then from Coffee shop in Corfu town, taverna by the sea and studios and apartments in Notos. Now, the family have luxury villas in the neighbouring fishing village of Petriti, villa accomodations in Notos and a beach side place situated in an untouched area of Alykes Bay, Kalivioti. All of which can be found on this website and booked directly with the families. 

I first met the family when they first opened the taverna back in 1991. I was new to the island but 

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On starting Corfu South Promotions back in July 2020, I have noticed that the south in all areas has seen many more visitors than previous years. More and more Corfiots owning homes and business's are seeing things slightly differently than before. 

 A new hopes, dreams embraced with new generations are taking on established business's and bringing them into a new era. 

 It is nice to see on Facebook, Instagram and other poluar social media the areas of the south being posted. From individuals to business people they now see the full potential of this part of the island.....of course, something that I have personally believed in from the moment I stepped foot in the idilic village of Agios Nikolaos, Notos. 

 In understanding our enviroment, positions of properties and of course our market, the south has umlimted potential to reach the highest of  success both economically as well as environmentally. 

 The East coast from Perama to Alykes has seen developements, long overdue. With high class properties both from Hoteliers to privatley owned villas have in just a few years graced the coast line. Some more pleasant on the eye than others, but all offering an opportunity for work for locals as well as encouraging the "foreigner" to change camp from one side of the island to the other, be it for the full duration of a holiday or just a quizical visit. 

 I am proud that CSP has been part of this push and refreshment to injecting new light, fresh ideas and stable encouragement to all aspects of tourism and wellbeing for citizens of the island. 

 Corfu South Promotions is taking the road steadfast to a long and prosperous future in promoting the island of Corfu and of course first and formost the Beauitful South where my heart is firmly attached. 

Studio Kerkyra
Webmadness Ltd
Corfu South Promotions