Family Behind The Business

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Family Behind The Business Vagias Family Panorama Notos.
Kuria Stavroula and Tassos Vagias opened the pension 1980' sand Panorama taverna in the 1991....
 Before that, they had , like many other Greeks, lived in Germany for a couple of years and felt well at home overthere. More reason to return this hospitality. They speak german and where language falls short, they manage to communicate with hands, feet and a lot of mime. The moment ‚Pappou Tasos‘ enters the restaurant, he will instantly spread his good mood.

Yiayia Stavroula is in her 80's now,  but you wouldn’t believe it. She is in control of the pension including breakfast, assisted by a few employees and her niece Anglaia. Anglaia is already a mother herself.  Anglaia’s mother is Elena, the women who cooks the delicious meals you will be served in the taverna.
Ina is the second women in charge of the kitchen. She is wife of the current owner: Athanasios. Ina is from Russia, fleeing the icy cold eternal winter to the warmth of south Corfu, out of love for Athanasios.

Athanasios will always look after his guest in his happy and polite way and is fluent in a creative blend of German and English. Thanasis eldest son Athanasis is powering ahead in becoming a great Captain of the ship. His other two sons Stauros and Alexandros also are sturdy helpers of the family business. 

The business has grown some since then from Coffee shop in Corfu town, taverna by the sea and studios and apartments in Notos. Now, the family have luxury villas in the neighbouring fishing village of Petriti, villa accomodations in Notos and a beach side place situated in an untouched area of Alykes Bay, Kalivioti. All of which can be found on this website and booked directly with the families. 

I first met the family when they first opened the taverna back in 1991. I was new to the island but 

knew that this place would soon become a special place in my heart. Not because of the location but because of the family. 

There is never a time visitored that I do not laugh with them. The view warms your heart and the family are like the cherry on the top of the most delicious of cakes. 

The garden has been created and lovingly supervized by Thanasis, The son, the father and the, lets say back bone of the family business. His "Welcome to Greece" , greeting is something of a trademark now and almost expected by us locals eaxh time we go in, be it daily!

All of my family and friends have visited this place and all of them return, to breathe in the view, bathe in the cool clear bay and enjoy a glass of wine with the family. 

If ever there was a place of paradise then this would surely be it. 

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