The future is bright for South Corfu

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On starting Corfu South Promotions back in July 2020, I have noticed that the south in all areas has seen many more visitors than previous years. More and more Corfiots owning homes and business's are seeing things slightly differently than before. 

 A new hopes, dreams embraced with new generations are taking on established business's and bringing them into a new era. 

 It is nice to see on Facebook, Instagram and other poluar social media the areas of the south being posted. From individuals to business people they now see the full potential of this part of the island.....of course, something that I have personally believed in from the moment I stepped foot in the idilic village of Agios Nikolaos, Notos. 

 In understanding our enviroment, positions of properties and of course our market, the south has umlimted potential to reach the highest of  success both economically as well as environmentally. 

 The East coast from Perama to Alykes has seen developements, long overdue. With high class properties both from Hoteliers to privatley owned villas have in just a few years graced the coast line. Some more pleasant on the eye than others, but all offering an opportunity for work for locals as well as encouraging the "foreigner" to change camp from one side of the island to the other, be it for the full duration of a holiday or just a quizical visit. 

 I am proud that CSP has been part of this push and refreshment to injecting new light, fresh ideas and stable encouragement to all aspects of tourism and wellbeing for citizens of the island. 

 Corfu South Promotions is taking the road steadfast to a long and prosperous future in promoting the island of Corfu and of course first and formost the Beauitful South where my heart is firmly attached. 


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