The beginning of CSP and Studio Kerkyra

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HOW IT ALL BEGAN...Well it begins with a international pandemic that has hit us all very hard, me, Dawn Doukas out of a job, like many and asking myself what now can I do with my time and to help those that have to open the business with Covid 19 regulations. So I began my search on Google for South Corfu....

What I found was 380 website pages later, finally, at least a photograph of a village in the South. ''This can't be right'' I thought, this has to be put to bed!! ....''Take it it to the matress's'', is the Godfathers approach, and so I did!

Next day I was off on my mission to make sure everyone I knew with a business, that was opening its doors, would be live streammed through a facebook page dedicated to them, just to show off South Corfu. 

Seeing people again, who's paths we crossed years before, was, well totally refreshing. Seeing how many people who were literaly, on there own,  build up their business and advertise it too. Which got me into thinking......

After a summer passed and another lockdown entered our lives, another stream of professional people floated into my life.....

Studio Kerkyra, Twas a partner in crime, I had not anticipated. Living just a stones throw away from me, I had walked passed their residence pretty much everyday without knowing it!  

People with the same ideals on Corfu and many ideas on how to help encourage all types of toursim to all areas, but most importantly putting the South back on the map for all the right reasons.

So, we brain stormed and came up with a menu of cocktail delights for all you guys eager to come to the beautiful island of Corfu as well as the locals and business people who need help and encouragement to carry on their great work.

I hope you enjoy following this website and how it will grow and developement. Hoping that you  ask yourself, how you lived without it!

You can find Corfu South Promotions both on Facebook as well as Instagram. 

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